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General questions

  • How many properties can I manage with FlatsWire

    Answer: Although FlatsWire has been developped to assist Vacation Rentals Managers having large inventories (greater than 300 properties), you can easily use FlatsWire to start an activity. Our recommendation is to manage at least 10 properties (apartments, houses or villas).
  • Do you manage categories of serviced apartments ?

    Answer: Yes, we manage different levels for properties : basic units, categories (group range of « similar » units representing one selling unit), buildings (group a range of categories in the same location). For more info, click here.
  • Do you manage booking modifications (change of dates, properties...) and how ?

    Answer: FlatsWire has developed simple features for these frequent operations that can be easily time consumer in the Vacation Rental business.

    The « change date » function enables the manager to modify the dates of a booking, check the availabilities and generate automatically the price adjustment and the payment orders (for the customer and for the owner). This function is also available for Agencies linked to the system to send a date change request to the manager.

    The « change property » function helps the manager to find another apartment, with similar criterias for the same dates. It generates a new booking for the customer, linked to the « parent booking ». The « parent booking » is not canceled until the manager has checked already paid sums are transfered.

  • Do you manage access for distribution partners ?

    Answer: Through the B2B platform, FlatsWire enables agencies to access your inventory (description, pictures, availability calendars, prices) and make online bookings for their customers. For more info contact us.
  • Do you track payments (from customers, to owners...) ?

    Answer: Payment management is a key element in the FlatsWire system, linked to a smart pricing methodology.

    As soon as a booking is made on a property, FlatsWire generates all payment lines :

    • for the customer (deposit amount and due date, balance  amount and due date),
    • for a potential distribution portal (commission amount and due date) and
    • for the owner (rent amount and due date).

    At any time, the manager precisely knows his situation.

    With this accurate organization, it is very easy for a manager to follow customer payments and send reminders or to generate a monthly or weekly report to the owners.

  • Do you have a tool to manage maintenance of the properties in your PMS ?

    Answer: Yes, we propose a very complete tool to register all maintenance actions required, organize the logistics around completion (agent or contactor to make the action, planning schedule, price) and manage invoicing (or not) to the owner, as well as link to the accountancy.

About Channel Manager

  • Can I connect with external Channel Managers from your PMS

    Answer: No, because we have our own channel manager. FlatsWire has integrated full API connections with the major vacation rental actors of the Market (HomeAway group, and Flipkey/Tripadvisor). FlatsWire also offers a 1 way connection to AirBnB and currently develops an API connection to Expedia.

    FlatsWire can also connect you through Ical links to portals like WIMDU, 9flats and Housetrip

    We believe that direct API connection with the PMS enables :

    • a better integration of the pricing methodology, adapted to each portal. You have more flexibility.
    • a better interaction with the portals (for payment managements, credit card control and storage, to avoid double booking,…).

    Pricewise, external vacation rental channel managers commissions vary between 2% and 4%, on top of portal commissions. FlatsWire charges commissions lower than 1% and provides adapted services.

    Our spectrum of connected portals covers approximately 80% of the vacation rental distribution.

  • Will you add a new channel on demand ?

    Answer: We can develop any API linking to a new portal. But you must be aware that the development and the maintenance of these connexions can be very much time consuming, because our partners improve their system regularly.

    Before implementing a new portal, we will check its interest for our community, and we might ask you a financial particpation to the development cost.

  • Do you manage rates on ?

    Answer: Yes, we do. On, you can set several rates (depending on the length of stay). When we link a property to, we receive all the rates attached and adjust the basic price for each one. The interest is that you can decide to open or close a rate or several rates whenever you want, giving you more flexibility to adapt your distribution on the portal.

About vacation rental Websites

  • Are your website connected to the PMS ?

    Answer: Yes, our website are fully connected to the PMS.
  • Do you provide an access for modification to your website ?

    Answer: Yes, from the back-office of the website,

    • you may create directly pages, bloc contents,.. very easily and modify all « static » contents (texts, images, links),
    • you may modify the menus and the footer,
    • you may work directly on SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
    • you may create properties search pages with filters you adjust yourself

  • Is there a customer space ?

    Answer: Yes, all our websites come with a customer space. It is a very important feature for vacation rental, because it enables the customer to book, pay the deposit, return to the website to pay the balance and to fill in all information that you require before his arrival (transportation, time of arrival, name of all visitors, phone number for his trip but also the passport number… it’s adjustable).
  • Do your websites display maps Airbnb like ?

    Answer: Yes, we propose an adjustable template that displays map results as AirBnB.

    Vacation rental maps - airbnb like

  • Does your website allow SEO ?

    Answer: Well this is a key element in our websites. The Search Engine Optimization has guided our website development. It allows different levels of action.

    Classical : for each page, you can redefine the URL, the title, the meta-description, as you want. We provide a tool to generate automatically sentences that can emphasize on keywords for all properties pages.

    Website Structure : you have access through the back-office to many options to optimize the SEO : create pages of content, generate links between the pages, adapt footer per page,…

    Internal SEO agency : on demand, our SEO expert can contract with you to optimize your website content and structure at a very competitive price based on results. For more info, contact us.

  • Do you integrate payment gateways ?

    Answer: Yes, we integrate some payment bank gateways (Atos, CyberMut…). We also integrate Paypal, Stripe and BrainTree. Do not hesitate to ask about a specific gateway.

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